Latin Movers - Rates
Latin Movers - The Right Move At The Right Price!
                                    Hourly Rates                                       
                                        2 men  $60.00 per hr.                
                                                   3 men  $90.00 per hr. 
                                                   4 men $120.00 per hr.
                                                    6 men 180.00 per hr.
                                                   4 Hrs minimum labor.
  • Rates include the Labores, all necessary equipment, shrink-wrap, blankets,
    Hand Dolies.  (Boxes)
  • Weekend rates can be higher please call ahead and reserve for these prices.
                               *Please note travel time does apply on all jobs!
                                                  Lodgistics Lumpers
The service-provider is designed to negotiate terms with the unloading service regarding fees for trailer-truck unloading and product sorting at the receiving dock of the buyer's warehouse
We are pleased to meet face to face and discuss cost cutting measures that will save you both money
Together we can customize and integrate those services specifically tailored for your operation.
                                           We go as far 300 miles from Charlotte NC!
                                                                         4221 South Blvd
                                                                       Charlotte, NC 28209
                                                                      Phone: 704-676-5282
                                                                         Fax: 704-676523
                                                                       Mon - Fri: 6AM - 6PM
                                                                    Sat - 6:00 am -12:00 noon
                                                                             Sun: on Call!
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